Blue Cheese and Fig Crackers

For a large crowd, I like serve ready assembled bite sized snacks and appetizers. I made this cheese and cracker appetizer before we headed over to a neighbors house for a football game. These particular neighbors love red wine, and I wanted to make something that would pair nicely.

Blue Cheese and Fig Crackers

Makes 24

Shopping List

  • 1, .25 lb of blue cheese such as Danish, Maytag, or Rogue River
  • 6 fresh figs or 1 jar of fig spread
  • 1-2 tsp of brown sugar  
  • Walnuts, either chopped or halves
  • Crostini Crackers
  • Balsamic glaze
  • Sea salt and pepper


Place crackers on a platter spaced apart. 

If you have fresh figs, either with a food processor or by hand, chop the figs until they are soft and spreadable. It's totally fine if there are larger pieces of figs in the mash. Add about a teaspoon of brown sugar (or to taste) if you’re using fresh figs and mix. Spread about a teaspoon of either fresh fig or fig spread on each cracker. 

Slice or chop the blue cheese to make 24 servings. The slices should not be longer than the cracker. Place the cheese on top of the fig.

Put one walnut on each cracker that has the fig and blue cheese on it. Season the crackers with a small pinch of sea salt and a few grinds of pepper.

Drizzle the entire plate and cracker with some of the balsamic glaze and serve room temperature.