Rustic, meet Sparkle

Rustic, meet Sparkle.


When I was grocery shopping at Whole Foods, I found these amazing cinnamon scented pine cones. My mind started running with ideas. You can also find them here .

Today, I want to share some easy tips to set a beautiful non floral table setting, where I used these pine combs and some ornaments.  

To me, holidays always need some sparkle. I love love love silver (and platinum, and gold, but that's a whole different issue)! I purchased these silver ornaments at Tj Maxx, as well as the silver vases. Here are some alternatives: Silver ornaments and the vases.

I love using napkin rings for dinner parties. They tidy up the napkins and make the settings look clean. Try to stay with the theme. In this setting, I chose napkin rings that are silver with white pearlescent beading. These were originally from Pier 1 Imports, but these napkin rings are very similar. Alternative napkin rings to use would have been these.


One thing I chose not to include with this particular tablescape was place card holders. However, let's say aunt Sally can't sit near cousin Joe, you may want to have assign seating! So, if you choose to, these rustic place card holders are adorable and fit right into the rustic and sparkle theme.

You’ll want to consider bringing similar details throughout your home. For instance, putting a pine cone on a serving tray with cocktails. 


And you can also take some extra cinnamon scented pine cones and place them through out your home. 


 I hope you have fun decorating your next table for you and your guests!