Make Your Own Margarita Bar

If you follow my insta or the blog, you know that I love me a margarita. Therefore, you  know what Holiday I love?

Cinco de Mayo! 

For real, how can you not like it? Queso...Guacamole...

...Margarita bar.

Wait, what?

Yes, my dear friends. A. Margarit. Bar. You can be as involved or not as involved as you want, and there are ways to keep it real simple and set it up in under thirty for a party. Here’s how.

How to build a Margarita Bar

  • Pre-make your margarita and place it in a pitcher filled with ice. I have a great basic margarita recipe that can be found here
    • If you don't want to make a pre-made pitcher of margaritas, make sure to place the following on your table, with instructions, so your guests know how to make a good drink:
    1. Tequila, I prefer a blanco or a silver (2 ounces per drink)
    2. Cointreau or triple sec (1 ounce per drink)
    3. Fresh lime juice (1 lime per drink)
    4. Fresh orange juice (about a 1/2 an orange per drink)
  • Cut up your choices of mix ins. Here are some things you can include:
    • Strawberries
    • Raspberries
    • Limes
    • Jalapeños
    • Habaneros
    • Mint leaves
  • Grab your muddler and a shaker if serving on the rocks, or a blender if serving frozen. 

  • If providing a frozen option, do yourself a favor and buy frozen fruit. Mango, coconut, strawberries, and raspberries are all solid choices! Saves tons of time and no need for as much additional ice.

  • For frozen, I LOVE to use my Margaritaville blender. It makes frozen margaritas PERFECT. 

  • Leave some raspberry, peach, or coconut liqueur out for your friends to add as a floater once the margarita is made! 

  • Throw some of that good ‘ole Coco Lopez in a cute vessel so your pals can make a coconut margarita!

  • Place an ice bucket out, fill it with ice.

  • Have a plate doused with kosher salt and put some limes out there to rim the glasses before dipping the glass in the kosher salt.

  • Speaking of rims, why not get creative! Not only place a plain salt version out there, but what about a sugar rim for that Raspberry Mint Margarita? Or a cayenne/chili powder/salt combo for a spicy margarita? Or, gasp, a mix of sweet AND salty!

  • Don't forget your glasses. You can use plain rocks glasses, or serve in actual margarita glasses. For outdoor celebrations, I love to use acrylic margarita glasses, like these ones.

See, lots of possibilities out there. This is just to help get you started on building out your margarita bar, use your imagination!


Now for your decor options. Decorate the table with some festive options. Is it Cinco De Mayo? Add color. Red flowers, pink tablecloth, Mexican style planters. Like this guy I found at TJ Maxx (isn't he cute?). Throw some avocados, limes, or oranges in a clear cylinder or bowl for contrast colors.

Enjoy taking the time making a margarita bar your own!