The story behind Jackie Cooks and Drinks

I have always had a passion for entertaining and cooking.  In a previous world I worked with engineers and clients to make products (in a nutshell). In some ways, I feel like I am doing the same, now. Only now, my clients are family and friends, and my product is served at the table, buffet, and bar.

I really started getting into the groove of entertaining and playing around in the kitchen after I married my husband. Justin and I have two fiesty and loveable children. My whole family is incredible and I have a boatload of amazing friends. This insanely warm (and mildly insane) cast of characters has sipped (or chugged) the cocktails I have shaken (or stirred) and have tasted and enjoyed the food and parties I plan. Cooking, baking, and entertaining are not only therapeutic to me, but the reactions from family and friends when they try and experience something they enjoy is out of this world. 

I love great wine, dark beers, and tequila. I love to drink them and love to cook with them and I especially like to drink them while cooking with them. I love seeing the outcome of new recipes, tweaking traditional classics, and making sure whoever I am entertaining leaves spirited!

Which brings me to parties. Ever since my husband and I were dating, we shared a love of entertaining- anything from just a couple people over for dinner to 80+ person parties. I love all the details that go into parties; the details help make parties sparkle and memorable.

I believe food and drinks bring people together, and it's easier than you think. Cook+Drink+Entertain.

- Jackie


I can't wait to get to know you so please leave a comment or follow me on social media!

I can't wait to get to know you so please leave a comment or follow me on social media!